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Test Your Granite.  

Is it Stain resistant?


Granite is perhaps the most durable and luxurious countertop option. The hardest natural material after diamond, natural granite stone provides a highly stain resistant surface, impervious to scratches and burns.


Granite is desirable for its attractiveness and variety of colors and patterns. Granite is porous, however, which means granite can be easily stained or chipped.  Proper care and maintenance can keep it beautiful and durable.


         Preventing Stains on Granite


   Although granite is one of the most durable materials available for countertops, there are certain things that can stain this stone, especially if it is light in color. Lemons or lemon juice, other acidic liquids and vinegar can all etch or mar the granite's finish if allowed to sit on the countertop's surface for a long period of time.  Oils and butters that are allowed to sit on a countertop can seep into the stone and darken it, as well, even if the granite had been sealed.

Granite countertops are used in more kitchen designs than ever before.  Homeowners may choose granite for its style, durability and rich color palette.  If this is the case, homeowners may not know how to properly treat the granite.  Using the wrong cleaners or products on a granite counter could lead to damage.

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 Save My Granite! We clean and Protect!

Normally, Sealing is required to preserve your granite at least every 2 years.  We warrantee our seal for 15 years.


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